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Kentucky Educational Collaborative for State Agency Children

Announcement Regarding Extended KECSAC Days for 20-21 School Year:

KECSAC Remaining Extended Day Requirement Waived for 2020-2021

The Kentucky legislature recently passed House Bill 208, which was also signed by Governor Beshear on March 4, 2021. House Bill 208 is a coronavirus response bill designed to provide guidance and assistance to local education agencies in Kentucky during this worldwide pandemic. This is an extension bill that has kept in place many of the provisions passed last year in Senate Bill 177. You can find the full bill attached. The bill included language specific to KECSAC and educational services for state agency children. That language is located at the end of this update and is highlighted in the attached bill.

KECSAC, in our efforts to fully implement the provisions of the Act, will not require our partnering school districts to complete any remaining extended days for the current school year, ending June 30, 2021. We recognize many school districts have already completed some of the extended days for this school year, while others may have planned to do so in June. The Act does not address this issue, but rather only waives any remaining extended days in the current school year.

 In addition, no KECSAC partnering school districts will receive a reduction in their KECSAC allocation for the current fiscal year as a result of not providing the remaining extended school calendar, as originally required in our statutes and memorandum of agreement. We do, however, encourage districts who can provide the extended calendar to continue providing services to children and youth in state agency programs. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting us. Please note that while this bill does not require you to provide the remaining extended days, it does not forbid a district from doing so.  

“HB208: Section 3.  Notwithstanding KRS 158.135 and 505 KAR 1:080, an extended school calendar shall not be required for any program serving the educational needs of state agency children. State agency children in a particular program shall receive the same minimum number of instructional hours provided to students generally by the applicable school district operating a particular state agency children program.”

Please notify KECSAC if your district makes a decision to waive the remaining extended days for state agency children. This will not impact your programs standing, but will allow us to keep appropriate records.

View HB 208 Here

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KECSAC is a statewide collaborative that works with state agencies, school districts and local programs to ensure that state agency children receive a quality education comparable to all Kentucky students.

“State Agency Children” (SAC), are those children in the custody or supervision of the Commonwealth and who are being served in programs funded and/or operated by DJJ, DCBS, or DBHDID in the state of Kentucky.

Our Services Include:

  • Distribute state agency children’s funds to school districts for local programs
  • Provide program improvement support through annual visits
  • Provide training and technical support to SAC and other educators and administrators
  • Provide facilitation services and mediation support to districts and programs
  • Publish:
    -quarterly newsletter, The Collaborative
    -annual census report
    -annual program directory
    -quarterly and annual progress reports
  • Review and recommend revisions to KECSAC regulations and statutes
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