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All Subjects     Elementary, Middle & High School                        
Online instruction in arts, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. You can choose specific topics or topics by grade level. There is video instruction. Staff viewed systems of equations. The video instruction was good. Free now.

Discovery Ed     Elementary, Middle & High School                    
Science, social studies and math textbooks delivered virtually as well as STEM and coding activities. Free now until the end of the school year.     Elementary, Middle & High School               
Differentiation of math, ELA, social studies and science lessons up for K-12. Students are engaged and challenged because the material is not too easy or difficult for them. Free now.     Elementary, Middle & High School     
Fully customizable library of activities, tools and standard-aligned lesson plans. Free now.      Elementary, Middle & High School                   
Free video streaming and videos in all subject areas. Current events are also available. Teacher’s guides, lesson plans, discussion questions, writing prompts and activities included. Free now.     Elementary, Middle & High School 
Standard-aligned videos, interactives, and lesson plans. All subjects, all levels. Free now.     Elementary, Middle & High School             
This site has a browse app feature where you can search for learning apps for all grade levels and subjects. Very interactive. Free now.     Elementary, Middle & High School                 
Live online classes for students ages 3-18. Classes created and taught by teachers. Classes include arts, coding, English, health, life skills, math, music, science, social studies and world languages. Free now. (Education Perfect)     Elementary, Middle & High School  
This contains a library of curriculum-aligned lessons and assessments across subject areas. Content is scaffolded to allow all students to experience success, while providing for higher order thinking. Free now.     Elementary, Middle & High School                           
This company is donating 100,000 full access licenses to schools/teachers until the end of the school year because of COVID 19. The license contains 79,000+ video lessons in all subjects, 12,000+ lesson plans, on-demand mobile and desktop access for all lessons, online gradebook and dashboard to manage student progress, and courses and lessons created by teachers and subject experts.

Trend Enterprises     Elementary, Middle & High School          
This is a site providing learning activities and DIY printables for home learning.

CCC Streaming Media     Elementary, Middle & High School           
This streaming media platform helps students visualize printed texts and aids their understanding of complex concepts. The content has been vetted by educators and aligned to Common Core and state standards, and is supplemented with Teacher’s Guides, Student Activities and Knowledge Checks (quizzes). Free until the end of the school year.

ClassHook (      Elementary, Middle & High School     
This program offers quality media clips on every conceivable topic. Pre-curated playlists make it easier to find what you need for the subject at hand. You can embed questions on ClassHook video lessons. Basic access is always free. Premium is now free due to the school closings.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (      Elementary, Middle & High School           
Free learning activities, downloadables, and videos grades K-12. Check out the website for the extensive library across all grade levels and subject areas. Always free.

InSync (     Elementary, Middle & High School              
An online database of thousands of academic resources and activities, providing enrichment and learning strategies to K-12 students. Resources include all core subject areas. Completely free.

National Geographic (     Elementary, Middle & High School               
Collections of activities that have been developed for educators, parents, and caregivers to implement with K-12 learners. It is organized by grades and subjects. Free.

TeachRock (     Middle & High School  
Targeted for at risk students, this site seeks to empower teachers and engage students by using popular music to create interdisciplinary, culturally responsive education materials for all 21st century classrooms. Lesson plan collections and resources for social studies, language arts, geography, media studies, science and general music. Free.   Elementary, Middle & High School 
This site contains 150+ educational shows on Netflix.


Sumdog      Elementary & Middle School
This is a K-8 online learning platform that provides math and spelling practice. It adapts questions to each student using games and rewards for effort and achievement to build confidence. Teachers get real-time feedback on each child. Free until 3-31-2020.


Free Math App      Elementary & Middle School
This no frills site requires students to show their work on math problems, step-by-step. When it is time to grade, you can look at their work to see where things go wrong. Always free.


ST Math      Elementary & Middle School
This is a Pre-K – 8 visual instructional program that utilizes the brain’s spatial-temporal reasoning ability to solve math problems. It provides learning through puzzles, non-routine problem solving, and informative feedback.   Elementary & Middle School
Program is a curriculum-aligned math game for students grades 1-8. This program contains a question bank with more than 1200 aligned skills. Free now.


Muzology (     Middle & High School
This site harnesses the power of music to make math fun and accessible. Free now.     Middle & High School    
Online assignments all the way up to AP Calculus. There is a guided version that cues students step by step when they are making a mistake. Students can make graphs and have them automatically graded. Students are given feedback throughout solving the problems. Free now.     High School
This site has lessons utilizing sports to teach solving systems of equations. There is an option to get lesson plans in all topics of Algebra II.     Elementary, Middle & High School     
Mastery-based teaching through adaptive practice that is aligned to common core math standards for grades K – geometry. There is a free portion of this program.

Carnegie Learning     Middle & High School  
This site has math lessons, skills practice resources, and at-home learning videos for students grades 6-12. They have a free blend of textbook and software resources.

Math & Science

Explore Learning (     Elementary, Middle & High School          
This site contains math and science online solutions that are fun and easy to use. They include Gizmos, Reflex and Science4Us. Gizmos are interactive math and science simulations for grades 3-12 and are aligned to the latest standards. Free during school closures.

Math, Science & Social Studies     Elementary, Middle & High School    
This is an online curriculum for math, science, and social studies grades K-12. Courses include Physics, Precalculus, and Algebra II. You can start for free.

Math, Social Studies & STEM

Rozzy      Elementary & Middle School

This site has engaging lesson plans and other resources for science, social studies, math and STEM for K-8. A designated list of lessons is free for virtual learning.



Pitsco     Elementary, Middle & High School              
This is a hands-on, minds-on learning platform with fun STEM activities. Free.      Middle & High School      
This teaches STEM and STEAM with game design. It is best suited for 6th grade and up depending on student readiness. Detailed instructions for students and lesson plans for teachers make for a great intro to coding. TEKS and CTSA aligned curriculum is free until the end of May 2020.


Science Experiment Compliation

Tyto Online (     High School
Students solve authentic science problems as they learn using a video game to power their experience. It is NGSS-aligned, covering life science and some Earth and space science. 60 subscriptions free. (American Chemistry Society)     Middle & High School
Contains free articles that explain chemistry concepts. For example: Acids and Bases, Swimming Pool Chemistry.      Middle & High School                
Virtual dissections and labs that helps students understand how things work from the inside. This site promotes a strong understanding of biology, physiology, and anatomy.     High School
Collisions helps high school students visualize and interact with chemistry concepts through fun and challenging games that interact with your curriculum. There is a game demo on the website.  There is a free teacher sign up link.

Flinn Scientific (     Elementary, Middle & High School 
Flinn Scientific has compiled many of their free activities, videos and other resources into one location for teachers to navigate through to help them as they teach science to students.     Middle & High School         
This site includes K-12 independent learning packets to share with students through distance learning. It has NGSS-aligned resources for K-5 which include visuals and hands-on investigative activities. The 6-12 NGSS-aligned resources include thousands of videos and digital resources.

ChemMatters Online (      Middle & High School        
This is a resource for middle and high school science teachers. Each issue is a collection of articles on chemistry topics that students find engaging. It also has a back issue library. There is also a teacher’s guide. Always free.

LabXchange (     Middle & High School 
This is a free website that includes interactive lab simulations, videos, assessments, and more. There are private classes, messaging and mentorship functions which allow teachers to plan and deliver instruction including lab skills. Always free.

UL Xplorlabs (     Elementary, Middle & High School       
This is a platform that is designed to encourage middle school students to solve through science. It showcases the science behind safety engineering through interactive videos.

H2O for life (      Elementary, Middle & High School
Explore a variety of lesson plans for students at every grade level. From math to music, students gain awareness for water in their community. Free resources.

Reading & Literacy      Elementary, Middle & High School  
This is a free collection of fiction and nonfiction for grades 3-12. You can search and filter by Lexile, grade, theme, genre, literary device or common core standard. In addition to the selected reading, there is an annotation tool, guiding questions, assessment and discussion.

Audible      Middle & High School       
Audible has made hundreds of titles completely free to help during COVID19.

Book Creator      Elementary, Middle & High School        
This is a simple tool for creating digital books.  Combine text, images, and videos to create interactive stories, digital portfolios, journals, poetry books, science reports, “About Me” books and comic adventures.  Check out the website for student examples. Free now.      Middle & High School
This is a homeschooling site that focuses on The Great Books curriculum by using the greatest works of history, literature, and philosophy. It has video-based lessons, downloadable handouts, and quizzes.

Zinc Learning Labs (      Middle & High School  
This contains online close reading instruction, leveled authentic texts with comprehension quizzes and gamified vocabulary for grades 6-12. Free until the end of the school year.

Achieve 3000 (      Middle & High School                    
This is a comprehensive suite of digital solutions that accelerate literacy and learning across the content areas. The Literacy at Home Digital platform provides access to non-fiction articles at 3 reading levels for free. Additionally, they are offering Literacy printable packets for students who do not have internet access at home.

Flocabulary (       Elementary, Middle & High School        
This site contains hip-hop videos and instructional activities that promote literacy and spark creativity. Get access to hundreds of standards-aligned, hip-hop videos. Staff have seen this used in the study of the Holocaust in a KECSAC program. The kids wanted to see more when it was the video was over. Free due to school closings.

InferCabulary (       Middle & High School 
This is a web-based, visual vocabulary and reasoning program using the semantic reasoning method.The images and captions elicit higher level thinking about words. Two months of free access.

Carnegie Speech (      Middle & High School        
Native-Accent delivers spoken English skills practice with targeted feedback to students on their computers and mobile devices using advanced speech recognition and A.I. technologies. Free access until May 31st for teachers and students.

ELA     Middle & High School   
Receive 10 free ELA resources in your inbox.

ELA, AP History, Social Sciences & STEM     High School      
Lessons and videos covering AP history, social sciences, stem and language. Free now.

Literacy & Social Studies

GSD Network (      Middle & High School                
This is a resource for engaging studenst in cross-cultural, “real world” stories of teens from around the world (but can be used grades 10-12 too). They delve deep into the heart of far-flung places to explore local history, culture, and teens creating social change in their community. Great for social studies (covers many standards) or Language Arts (reading and vocabulary). Free now.

H2O for life (      Middle & High School
Explore a variety of lesson plans for students at every grade level. From math to music, students gain awareness for water in their community. Free resources.

Social Studies      Middle & High School          
This is a free online social studies course that emphasizes skill development as students draw connections between past, present and future. This is a full curriculum with a teacher and free teaching tools.

ICivics (      Elementary, Middle & High School 
This program was developed in 2009 by Sandra Day O’Connor to transform the field through innovative, free educational video games and lessons that teach students to be knowledgeable, curious and engaged in civic life. Always free.

George Washington’s Mount Vernon (     Middle & High School     
Digital resources from Mount Vernon can be used and incorporated into online classroom settings. They are offering primary and secondary resources, videos, games, quizzes, activities, and lessons that can be completed individually or as a group.

Coding       Middle & High School            
This site contains links to over 40 free coding apps and websites for kids ages 8-18.

VidCode (      Middle & High School
This is an online coding and computer science curriculum specifically for teens. It teaches JavaScript, web programming, design and more. Free until at least May 2020.

Computer Science

Popfizz Computer Science (     Middle & High School
This is a computer science education platform for grades 6-12 and offers a wide range of student courses. Free until July 1, 2020.

Software Design & App Creation

MAD-Learn (      Elementary, Middle & High School
This program uses the Design Thinking Process to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s careers. Students can use MAD-learn on any laptop, tablet, Chromebook or desktop to experience the software development lifecycle process firsthand. Free now.

Keyboarding      Elementary, Middle & High School
This site includes a fun K-12 keyboarding curriculum along with a suite of teacher tools. Now free.

Career Exploration

Kuder Galaxy and Kuder Navigator (      Elementary, Middle & High School      
This contains online career awareness, exploration, and planning systems for students in grades Pre-K through 12. Through they are offering free access for students, free downloads including lesson plans and activity sheets.

Financial Literacy

Banzai (        Middle & High School 
This is a financial literacy program that is taught through real-life scenarios available in 3 interactive courses (grades 3-12). The program includes tests, games, activities, an entire interactive library, embedded calculators and more. It meets all state curriculum standards and is completely free.

Foreign Language       Middle & High School
Foreign language game for vocabulary and verb practice. Free

News-O-Matic (      Elementary, Middle & High School    
This site takes 5 daily news stories written in reading levels grades K-8 that are translated to Spanish, French, and Arabic by native speakers. Free now.

Intervention Tools

Century (      Elementary, Middle & High School          
This was designed as an intervention tool to identify and remedy gaps in a student’s education. It used artificial intelligence to tailor the learning experience to the learner, much like an actual teacher in the classroom would. Free access due to school closures.

Library Access     Elementary, Middle & High School
Online access to your local library for e-books and audiobooks. Free now.

Listening Skills      Elementary, Middle & High School       
Thousands of 3-6 minute nonfiction stories for grades 2-12 for listening. Comprehension quizzes. Free now.

Project-Based Activities to Show Mastery      Elementary, Middle & High School
Common core aligned K-12 every subject. Project-based activities for assessing content knowledge. Free now.

Project-Based Learning Platform       Middle & High School          
This website is a resource for student-facilitated and project-based learning opportunities. It includes utilization of cell phones as well as written options.

Project Creation

Glogster       Elementary, Middle & High School    
Multimedia Interactive Posters allow students to express ideas by combining images, graphics, audio, and video on a digital canvas. Excellent for producing projects. Free.

Virtual Field Trips      Elementary, Middle & High School
Twenty virtual field trips that students can take. There are also lesson ideas, activities and book suggestions to extend the learning for each destination. Art museums, zoos, aquariums and world travel are destinations included.

Social Emotional Learning

Character Strong     Elementary, Middle & High School
This offers K-12 social-emotional learning and character development curriculum and provides training to help educators weave this work into the fabric of their schools.  Free digital resources that can be used with distance learning including a virtual tool kit.

Social Emotional Learning, Health & Wellness, Financial Literacy & Career Readiness

Everfi (       Elementary, Middle & High School
This site brings real-world learning to students and equips them with the skills they need for success now and in the future. Courses include financial literacy, social emotional learning, health and wellness and career readiness. Always free.

Test Prep      High School
High School test prep including: ACT, SAT, AP, GED, PSAT, ASVAB, and others. This site also offers step-by-step guidance through essay writing. There are study guides for literature, poetry, math, science, historical texts, constitution, civics, music and mythology. Free now.

Albert (     Middle & High School         
This is an online practice assessment resource for core topics grades 6-12. Resources include practice questions for a wide variety of AP programs too. It is best used as a companion to other online teaching methods since it is meant to review information students have already been learning. Free for the duration of the COVID 19 issue.

Everydae SAT Prep (     High School
This is an online SAT math prep program with 10-minute micro lessons. Free during school closures.

Vocabbett (      High School
This site is an ACT and SAT vocabulary prep through story form. There is a freebies section that includes games, vocabulary-boosting short stories and more.

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